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** THIS BEAR IS ONLY FOR CLUB MEMBERS WHO HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY STEIFF CLUB UK CUSTOMER SERVICES ** We are delighted to introduce you to  “Violetto,” a Margarete Steiff edition that is also a part of our “Teddies for Tomorrow” collection. It’s a truly impressive masterpiece of craftsmanship, right down to the smallest detail.  Every aspect of the bear is completely unique – from its pale violet colouring to its delicate lavender scent to its first-of-a-kind paw pads. The Teddy embodies Steiff’s ongoing spirit of innovation, while utilizing our century-old manufacturing techniques to create something completely new and especially exciting. There’s never been a bear like Violetto, and collectors will have only one opportunity to own this remarkable Teddy. Product Details: Collection: Steiff Club 2022 Margerete Steiff Black Label Edition Edition Size: 188 pieces worldwide Material: made of high quality linen plush Paw Pads: made from dried and pressed lavender flowers Size: 24 inches Colour: violet Gray Nose: Wooden nose handcrafted from a large ash tree that once grew in front of the main entrance to the Steiff factory  Eyes: Shiny black hand-blown glass eyes Ear Tag: with stainless steel "Button in Ear" featuring embossed edition name Medallion: distinctive metal chest tag with the company’s original logo Joints: 5-way jointed Country of Manufacture: Germany NOT A TOY. Intended for adult collectors. Add to wishlist
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